WAVE OnCloud Setup for MOTOTRBO Radios

Here how to setup WAVE OnCloud on a WiFi equipped MOTOTRBO radio.


  • WiFi enabled MOTOTRBO radio
  • Radio firmware 2.9 or greater
  • Motorola MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0/RM

Step 1

Login to the Wave OnCloud Portal and create a new user.

Fill in Display Name and Email then hit submit. Check the email provided and note the activation code.

Step 2

Programing the radio using CPS2.0/RM

– Enable WiFi
General > Wi-Fi Network > General

– Setup Network
General > Network > WAVE OnCloud Server URL | WAVE OnCloud Activation Code

WAVE OnCloud Server URL: http://wgp.poc01.waveoncloud.com:443/cas/activation
WAVE OnCloud Activation Code: From Email

-Setup NTP Server
General > Wi-Fi > NTP Server

Just hit the + button and use the default or specific a different public NTP server.

– Map Button
General > Control Buttons > WAVE/Radio Toggle Button

Your now ready to use the radio on the WAVE platform.

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