Free MOTOTRBO Rides Over… Firmware Update Restrictions

As of Motorola MOTOTRBO software release 2020.01 your radio must have a active service package to upgrade.

From the System Release Notes dated 28 May, 2020

Software Update Management (SUM) Enforcement

Enables MOTOTRBO systems to continue to accept new software updates. The benefits of this feature are to improve reliability and increase security, provide new features and functionality, and to protect and extend the life of the customer’s system.

It is applicable to all MOTOTRBO subscribers, repeaters, and Capacity Max System Servers (CMSS), this feature provides products with built-in intelligence to define if they are eligible to accept a software update. As of 2020.01, the firmware will start enforcing the SUM that was added in R2.10. Therefore, products on prior software releases must be upgraded to R2.10 before being upgraded to any future releases.

Products sold with R2.10 or any future releases accept major and minor software releases while the product is under warranty, or covered with a MOTOTRBO service package that includes MOTOTRBO Software Updates.

Products deployed before R2.10 require a SUM license to be upgraded beyond R2.10. SUM licenses are issued for products that have purchased a MOTOTRBO service package that includes Software Updates.

Once a service package is purchased, a license is issued and pre-registered for that product serial number in Motorola Solutions’ licensing database. The license is available then retrieved by using Radio Management (RM) or Customer Programming Software 2.0 (CPS). Once the license is retrieved, the product accepts new software updates for the duration of the MOTOTRBO Service Package.

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