The KJ4SHL repeaters supports a number of talkgroups, or virtual radio channels. Any user that is tuned into a talkgroup will hear the traffic from all of other users on that talkgroup. In addition, talkgroups are either designated as Full Time or PTT Activated.

Full Time (FT): These talkgroups are always active and any traffic on them will be automatically be broadcasted to all users that are listening on these specific talkgroups.
PTT Activated (PTT): These talkgroups are inactive until a user initiates them by keying the PTT (push to talk) button on their radio while on that talkgroup. Once the talkgroup is activated, it will
remain active until they become inactive for 5, 10, or 15 minutes depending on the talkgroup. To reactive the group, a user simply needs to key their PTT on the talkgroup again.