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MOTOTRBO Entitlement ID’s (EID)

Motorola MOTOTRBO Software Licensing

Part numbers listed below are for the North American (AA) market only.


Description Part Number Notes
Subscriber Analog to Digital Upgrade Option HKVN4223 CP and CM Series
Subscriber Analog to Digital Upgrade Option  HKLN4429 XPR6000 Series (Units purchased analog type II)
Subscriber Connect Plus Option HKLN4457  
Subscriber Connect Plus Man Down Option HKVN4072  
MOTOTRBO Bluetooth Data and Discoverable Mode HKVN4249   
MOTOTRBO Data Services via Bluetooth HKVN4249  XPR 5000 and 7000 Series
MOTOTRBO Enhanced Privacy
HKVN4084 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO Transmit Interrupt Encode HKVN4085 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO Digital Telephone Interconnect HKVN4271 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect Option HKVN4154  XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO LCP Upgrade from IP Site Connect HKVN4155 XPR 2000 and 3000 Series
MOTOTRBO Subscriber System Bundle Cap+ & LCP HKVN4086  XPR 2000 and 3000 Series 
MOTOTRBO Built In Man Down HKVN4179
MOTOTRBO CSA Conventional Man Down HKVN4179 XPR 7550 IS Only
Subscriber Text to Speech for CH ZONE PB TM JT HKVN4281 XPR 5000 and 7000 Series
Subscriber Multi Button PTT with CH Steering HKVN4280 XPR 7000 Series Only 
MOTOTRBO Indoor Location HKVN4432
MOTOTRBO Enhanced Noise Cancellation (SINC+) HKVN4373
MOTOTRBO Receive Audio Leveling HKVN4492
Capacity Max FULL Subscriber License HKVN4323
Fleet Management License Key HKVN4036 
Bluetooth 2.0 / 4.0 LE License HKVN4412


SLR and XPR Repeaters

Description Part Number Notes
Capacity Plus Option HKLN4427 
Linked Capacity Plus New System Deployment HKVN4099
Dynamic Mixed Mode Option HKLN4456
Enhanced Scheduled GPS Option HKVN4048
Digital Telephone Interconnect Option
LCP Upgrade from Capacity Plus HKVN4089
Restricted Access to System HKVN4177
Data Network Application Interface HKVN4205
Voice Network Application Interface HKVN4206
Digital Voting Operation HKVN4242
Extended Range Direct Mode Operation HKVN4488
Digital Local Audio HKVN4366
Capacity Max HKLN4324

SLR8000 / MTR3000 Repeaters

Description Part Number Notes
MTR3000 Capacity Plus Option HKLN4439
MTR3000 Dynamic Mixed Mode Option HKVN4044
MTR3000 Enhanced GPS Option HKVN4055
MTR3000 Digital Telephone Interconnect Option HKVN4066
MTR3000 Linked Capacity Plus Option HKVN4110
MTR3000 Linked Capacity Plus Upgrade from Cap+ HKVN4112
MTR3000 Repeater Restricted Access to System
MTR3000 Data Network Application Interface HKVN4208
MTR3000 Digital Voting Operation HKVN4243

CPS / RDAC Applications

Description Part Number Notes
Multi RDAC System Support License HKLN4442
MOTOTRBO Radio Management (RM) License   HKVN4101 Free EID
Battery Fleet Management License HKVN4036
Remote IP Repeater Programming License  HKVN4047 Included with CPS 16.0 or Later

SLR5700 Dates

5/11/15 Available To Order

5/29/15 First Ship Date

Warranty Motorola Solutions – 2 Years


Error Code List

#595- IP address conflict.

#1027- Out of region radio.

#1057- The firmware version in the radio is newer than that which the CPS can support. You need to update your version of CPS.

#1068- ?

Motorola EID Part Numbers

EID Part Numbers

HKLN4427A – Capacity Plus Single Site Digital Trunking – XPR Repeater
HKLN4442A – RDAC Multiple System Monitoring – CPS
HKLN4456A – Dynamic Mixed Mode – XPR Repeaters
HKLN4439A – Capacity Plus Repeater License
HKVN4044A – Dynamic Mixed Mode – MTR Repeaters
HKVN4045A – Capacity Plus License Key – MTR3000
HKVN4046A – 20/25 KHz Channel Bandwidth License Key – CPS
HKVN4047A – IP Repeater Programming – CPS
HKVN4048A – Enhanced Scheduled GPS – Repeater
HKVN4049A – Digital Telephone Interconnect – XPR Repeater
HKVN4055A – Enhanced GPS
HKVN4066A – Digital Telephone Interconnect – MTR Repeaters
HKVN4084A – Enhanced Privacy License Key (TRBO 1.0 series radios)
HKVN4085A – Transmit Interupt (Encode) License Key
HKVN4088A – Bluetooth Data Services (TRBO 1.0 series radios)
HKVN4089A – Linked Capacity Plus Upgrade (From Capacity Plus) – XPR Repeaters
HKVN4177A – Restricted Access to System (RAS) – XPR repeaters


System Menu – #123# (Use this to get to GPS Info)


Non–Display Model Test Mode

3.4.1 Entering Non–Display Radio Test Mode
1. Turn the radio on.
2. Within 10 seconds after “Self Test” is complete, press Side Button 2 five times in succession.
3. The radio beeps.
3.4.2 RF Test Mode
When the radio is operating in its normal environment, the radio’s microcontroller controls the RF
channel selection, transmitter key-up, and receiver muting, according to the customer codeplug
configuration. However, when the unit is on the bench for testing, alignment, or repair, it must be
removed from its normal environment via a special routine, called TEST MODE or “air test”.
1. Each short press of Side Button 2 changes the test environment (CSQ->TPL->DIG->USQ
->CSQ). The radio beeps once when radio toggles to CSQ, beeps twice for TPL, beeps three
times for DIG and beeps four times for USQ.
NOTE: DIG is digital mode and other test environments are analog mode as described in Table 3-3.
2. Each short press of Side Button 1 toggles the channel spacing between 25 KHz, 12.5 KHz
and 20 KHz as. The radio beeps once when radio toggles to 20KHz, beeps twice for 25KHz
and beeps three times for 12.5KHz.
3. Turning of the Channel Knob changes the test channel from 1 to 14 as described in
Table 3-4. The radio beeps in each position.
3.4.3 LED Test Mode
1. Press and hold Side Button 1 in RF Test Mode. The radio beeps once.
2. Upon any button/key press, the radio lights up the red LED.
3. Consequently, upon any button/key press, the red LED is turned off and the radio turns on the
green LED.
4. Consequently, upon any button/key press, the green LED is turned off the radio shall turn on
both LEDs.
3.4.4 Speaker Tone Test Mode
1. Press and hold Side Button 1 after LED Test Mode. The radio beeps once.
2. The radio generates a 1 KHz tone with the internal speaker.

Restricted Access to System (RAS)

From January 2013 MOTOTRBO® System Release Notes:


Restricted Access to System (RAS): prevents an unauthorized subscriber from using the repeaters in the radio system and listening to repeater outbound voice/data/CSBK transmission, through the use of RAS Key authentication and Radio ID Range Check. This feature is supported on all MOTOTRBO subscriber platforms, as well as on XPR8300, XPR8400, XPR8380 and MTR3000 repeaters.


There are a number of ways that this feature can be configured but essentialy, a 6-24 character key (RAS Key) is provisioned in all radios. In order to gain access to a system, the key in the radio must match that in the repeater. If there is a mismatch, transmissions from the radio unit will be ignored and the radio unit will disregard transmissions from the repeater/system. This feature can also be deployed in a phased approach where the repeater will support a mixed fleet of radio which, do and do not, support RAS.

DMRDecode Info

For the people that use a small java DMR decoder, so of the info displayed is hard to understand. Some things to keep in mind…


CACH = Common Announcement CHannel
TACT = TDMA Access Channel Type
EMB = EMBedded Signalling Field
PDU = Protocol Data Unit

Screen Shot of decoding-


Link to download software- Link

Capacity Plus vs. Connect Plus TRBO

Capacity Plus– For small scale TRBO Trunking.

With a software upgrade you have the ability for those slots to be dynamically assigned. Each repeater needs its own frequency pair. 2 repeaters would get you 4 slots to trunk etc… You connect the repeaters together through a network switch and the software does all the work of assigning an available slot for a transmission.

***In the recent firmware update you now have the capability of
linked capacity plus trunking.***

Capacity Plus Facts

  • Delivers 2 times the capacity of a MOTOTRBO digital conventional systems.
  • Trunks” up to 12 digital voice talk paths.
  • Allows up to 24 additional dedicated data paths
  • Accommodates up to 1,200 radios.

Connect Plus– Large scale trunking application.

Multi-site digital trunking system. Queue calls during busy times until an open channel is available, assign important users priority status when the system is in high demand.

***The connect plus system requires expensive controller and fewers sites in an overall network.***

Connect Plus Facts

  • Dedicated control slot
  • Fast access
  • Dynamic site roaming (No need to change channels)
  • High security
  • 15 repeaters per trunking site (29 voice/data talk paths)
  • 35 trunking sites in a flexible system topology.
  • ESN system access verification.

Motorola Software Region Codes

I’ve managed to find out what the regions letters mean :

LA = Latin America
FD = Federal
MD = EMEA MDC (Europe, Middle East, Africa & More Developed Countries)
AA = North America
AZ = Asia